Payment Plans

Payment Plans


Buying a Gown to Order:


Rookery Bridal can offer payment plans in three ways:


  1. For you to save up the 50% deposit required to order your gown.
  2. Having already paid the 50% deposit on your gown, for you to pay for the balance.
  3. For you to save up the 50% deposit, then to pay the 50% balance whilst your gown is on order.


You can choose, if time permits, one of these options. We are happy to discuss these options with you – just ask and we will explain more.



Buying a Stock Gown – ‘Off the Peg’:


  1. A £100 deposit secures a stock dress for 3 days. You are then welcomed to pay off the balance over 2 or 3 monthly instalments immediately thereafter.



Payment Plan Information:


Each Plan is agreed on an individual basis, however, there are some timescales that would normally need to be adhered to:


  1. Pre-Order Payment Plan
    1. If there is enough time available to you, you can take up to a maximum of six months to pay your deposit. This figure will be the 50% deposit of the gown ticket price divided by the total number of agreed equal payments.
    2. Once the last payment has been received, we will process your order.


  1. Payment Plans for the Balance Due
  1. This can be done as follows:
    1. Start paying monthly once the dress has been ordered (first payment due one month after order and deposit payment) so that the gown is paid for by the time it arrives. This will mean the balance due will be divided over 5 months.


  1. Payment Plans for Deposit and Balance
    1. You will pay for your gown over the period of time that is available to us up to 8 weeks before your wedding. So, for example, if you have 14 months to go when you choose your dress, you start paying straight away at the gown cost divisible by 12 instalments. This ensures your gown is paid for 2 months prior to your wedding.
    2. On this basis, your gown will NOT BE ORDERED until the full 50% deposit has been paid.



Conditions & Information:


  • All dresses on payment plans need to have been paid for in full within one month of the dress arriving to store.
  • For all Payment Plans, the gown remains the property of Rookery Bridal until such time as it is paid for in full and it will not be released until all payments have been made in full.
  • Payment Plans are only available to customers over the age of 18.
  • A credit check is not currently required.
  • Alterations cannot be carried out on a gown that has an outstanding balance due on it. Therefore, a Payment Plan will need to be complete at least 8 weeks before your wedding.
  • No discounts can be given on gowns paid for by way of Payment Plans.
  • Our Payment Plans are interest free. The only charges will be charged in accordance with the Payment Plan Agreement that needs to be entered into.
  • We accept standing orders, cash payments, BACS or alternatively, you may pay over the telephone by card on a designated day each month.



Late Payment Charges


If a payment is missed, a late payment charge of £25 will be applied to your Payment Plan account.