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Get ready to be dazzled, for a delightful surprise is on its way! We're excited to announce that a stunning collection of beautiful dresses will soon be making their grand entrance at our beloved store. Picture-perfect designs, brimming with elegance and charm, are eagerly awaiting their moment to shine. Stay tuned, as these exquisite ensembles are set to bring a touch of magic to your wardrobe.

We can't wait to share this fashion extravaganza with you, so keep an eye out for their arrival!


Paloma Blanca 5079

Essense of Australia D3930

Justin Alexander Hollis/88370

Justin Alexander Hailey/88361
Justin Alexander Giuseppa/88322
Justin Alexander Hartford/88352
Justin Alexander Hayes/88366

Lillian West 66310
Lillian West 66319

Lillian West 66255
Lillian West 66196
Lillian West 66334
Lillian West 66342
Lillian West 66344
Lillian West 66360
Lillian West 66365
Lillian West 66372
Lillian West 66330
Lillian West 66336
Lillian West 66341
Lillian West 66351
Lillian West 66368
Lillian West 66376
Lillian West 66334
Lillian West 66342

Essense of Australia D4029
Essense of Australia D3971
Essense of Australia D4007
Essense of Australia D4087
Essense of Australia D4101
Essense of Australia D4124
Essense of Australia D4093
Essense of Australia D4120
Essense of Australia D4065
Essense of Australia D4037

Sarah J Bridal PA1349
Sarah J Bridal PA1343
Sarah J Bridal PA1340
Justin Alexander 88385
Justin Alexander 88377
Justin Alexander 88387
Justin Alexander 88393
Justin Alexander 88400
Justin Alexander 88410
Justin Alexander 88427
Justin Alexander 88392
Justin Alexander 88407
Justin Alexander 88420
Justin Alexander 88424
Justin Alexander 88430



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